An Uplifting, Conscious tune to help you see perspective and feel good about life! I penned this song as heartfelt, comforting advice to a friend that was going through very hard times and couldn’t see their way out of the black dog of depression, But the honest truth is that it wasn’t just that. You see, at around the same time, I was going through the heartbreak of the end of a long-term relationship, but instead of having the emotions swallow me up, I found an incredible cleansing freedom in the intense emotions I was experiencing. I allowed the tears to wash me clean of the cause of the pain I was feeling in that moment. Every moment is just a moment. Everything comes in waves. The good. The bad. They ebb and flow like the waves of life. Sometimes we’re up, but the good times don’t last. Sometimes we’re down, but the bad times don’t last. When we’re in those down times it’s so important not to make an assessment our life. Why? Because it isn’t the entire truth of your life or who you are. As the lyric of the chorus poignantly illustrates; “Now hold your head up high, ‘Cause it’s your life, It’s just a moment in your life, Don’t focus on that strife, Just let go & you will see, This too shall pass, And it’s your life, It’s just a moment in your life, Don’t let the moment define who you are, ’cause in truth YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!” I know you hear many say, “just reach out” etc. and I know how hard that is to do when you feel like you are stuck in a deep, dark hole and just wish someone could reach in and pull you out into the light, but, whether you believe it or not, your life is directed by you and you can talk to someone. If you’re too embarrassed to open up to a friend or feel like you don’t have any ‘real’ friends – believe me, most of us feel that way-, then reach out to one of the many free depression or suicide hotlines in your country and speak to someone there. It can really, truly make a difference. Besides, you may as well try that as an option. Anyway, I wish you well my friend. I hope this song lifts you up. Or, if you know someone who could use a melodic upliftment then please do share this with them or post it on your social media for all your network to see, because you never know who’s in need of a positive outlook. Many people hide their sadness, so help make them feel good by sharing this tune, by giving them -and yourself- a smile, by being a friendly, compassionate ear that will listen to them when they may need it most. You are the key to making this world a better, more beautiful, compassionate and amazing place. Thank you for listening and for being uniquely you! This song is a single from my album, WAVES OF LIFE, which is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for depression and suicide prevention. 30% of album sales goes to Suicide Prevention.

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