This is what you put on booming from your car whilst sitting next to the campfire or driving to your next surf trip…

Pure sub-tropical Byron Bay beach vibes…

Thundering Earth Roots-Rock, Sunbaked Slide Blues, Didgeridoo beatbox & mind-altering lyrics.

This is blistering Lapsteel Slide Guitar Rock with Kaye’s trademark beatboxing & Didgeridoo… Featuring Pauly B (Paul Bromley) from ‘The Beautiful Girls’ (& also ‘George’) on Bass and Lisa Hunt on special guest vocals from New York…

From Nathan Kaye’s Burning The Candle EP. The single and EP, which was aired on Australia’s largest youth radio network, Triple J, can be purchased from iTunes here:…

He is renowned as the world’s first didgeridoo beatboxer!

Have you ever felt frustrated by how the system we live in seems to put our planet, our environment last on the priority list?
It’s as if the people who run transnational corporations and politicians who permit these plutocrats to continue practices of ecocide, don’t care. But what they don’t realise is that we, the people who are awake, have the true power.
We are the ones who allow this to continue by being complacent and by not making personal changes within our own lives. we support them with every purchase we make & with every vote we partake in.
Yet, each one of us can make changes.
We can do this step by step, everyday.
These incremental changes make a massive difference, but only when we continue to make these changes and stick with the changes we make.

This recording contains no loops, nothing pre-recorded and no overdubs.

Every instrument, including Lapsteel Slide Guitar, foot-drums (played on home-made trigger pads), Slide-Didge (trombone-like didjeridu), vocals, and beatbox was performed simultaneously.

This is NATHAN KAYE performing a powerful environmental song with adroit musicianship and pure energy in one-man-band mode on the deck of his cabin in the sub-tropical rainforest in the hinterland behind Byron Bay, Australia…

If you love music with eco conscious lyrics by artists such as Nahko Bear, Ash Grunwald, Jason Mraz, Michael Franti, Ben Harper, Soja, Jack Johnson, John Butler, etc. then you’ll love Nathan’s music. In fact, Nathan has jammed with most of those artists.

Filmed and edited by the talented Arterium & Nathan Kaye.
Recorded and mixed by Dreamseeds Productions.
Burning the Candle

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