Organic Celtic Didge Dubstep Live improvised Jam – Nathan Kaye playing 12 string guitar, foot drums, didjeridu and vocals (feat. Orlando Allen).

Kaye is renowned as being the world’s first didgeridoo beatboxer!

If you love music with awakened lyrics with funky grooves by artists such as Nahko Bear, Xavier Rudd, Jason Mraz, Michael Franti, Ben Harper, Soja, Jack Johnson, John Butler, etc. then you’ll love Nathan’s music.

In fact, Nathan has jammed with most of those artists.

• Nathan Kaye – Vocals, Cole Clark Violap Lapsteel Slide Guitar, beat-box Slide-Didge (didgeridoo)

• Orlando Allen (Deya Dova, Gong) – Drum kit


Live at the Beach Hotel, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia…

Nathan Kaye is proudly sponsored by Cole Clark Guitars & Slide-Didge.

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