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"Learn from it all,Grow from it all,So you can flow with it all,And rise from it all,Rise..."



“Opening for (Pete) Murray was quintessential Aussie, Nathan Kaye. The blues and roots musician is a unique one-man band, performing on acoustic guitar, slide guitar, didgeridoo, and electric foot drums. He’s quick to tell the audience that there are no special effects and no looping, just coordination and ingenuity. It’s all very impressive. “Oh yeah”, he adds, “I also sing”. He’s a talented and likable performer, and quick to win over the crowd with his colourful banter, sense of humour, and philosophical approach to life. He’s a larrikin who loves to make people laugh, but who also tackles life’s difficult topics through song. Early on, he introduces a song about a friend who committed suicide. “I’m not singing this song to bring the mood down,” he assures the group of plaid shirt-wearing 30-somethings, “quite the opposite;” this is his therapy. Kaye then picks up his slide guitar, a “sexy instrument with curves in all the right places.” Inspired by the instrument’s shape, he breaks into an impromptu beatbox version of ‘Baby Got Back’. Dressed in jeans and a wife beater, the singer ties his long, unruly hair back, steps away from his instruments and breaks into more beatboxing with “Billy Jean”, followed by ‘Push It’, complete with pelvic thrusts. Requests from the crowd are shouted out with enthusiasm and the excitable man on stage takes note. “Hey Micky”, “It’s Tricky”, “Shaddap You Face” and “Blowing In The Wind” are mixed into a unique vocal medley, Kaye’s interpretation displaying a mix of pure talent, showmanship, improvisation and hilarity. Amid all the jokes and banter, the bevy of instruments and the electronics, and powerful voice, He was the perfect support for what was to come.”JACQUELINE SEBIRE, Tone Deaf


“Nathan Kaye was left the task of surpassing Pearce’s undeniable likability and lift Mojo’s into the stratosphere. His opening number – a ten-minute instrumental featuring didgeridoo, kickdrum, snare drum, cymbal and acoustic guitar amongst others – immediately resonated with his half-drunk audience, the number’s thunderclap beat and insatiable rhythm sending everyone into a toe-tapping/head-bopping spin. Throughout, Kaye’s winning personality and unique ideas delivered multiple surprises. One crowd member’s dance-like-no-one’s-watching moves added to the enjoyment factor. Between songs, Kaye enlightened us with his anti-establishment/pro-unity speeches. Not only did he illuminate his stirring musical talents, but his grasp on politics, philosophy and spirituality also amplified the event’s stirring emotional current. However, despite being the ultimate Australian prophet, Kaye’s modesty and charisma drew people in off the street. Speaking to recent geo-politically-renditions of A Moment In Your Life and Human Life fused intelligent lyrics with eclectic hooks and strums. His set, delivering old and new tracks, displayed the singer-songwriter’s undying love for music, love and good vibes. Indeed, Kaye’s phenomenal positivity (“Juice of Life”) had been cranked up to 11. Pulling off flawless impressions and kooky noises, his persona made as much impact as his music. History Of Tomorrow and Silence were delivered with a hearty balance of stirring heft and electrifying riffs. Kaye took time out to explain the significance of his one-man-band routine. Describing each instrument, the like-no-other musician’s aura became increasingly tangible. Lapsteel slide guitar renditions of Lucky Man Story, Wings and Black Betty got audience members up onto the dance floor. Kaye ended the evening with a beatbox-heavy mix of 1980s hits, kooky impressions and Michael Jackson-inspired dance moves. Kaye and Pearce, without question, lived up to their reputations."Thomas Munday, THE MUSIC


“A great new track from Nathan Kaye! If you get the chance, check this guy out live - so many instruments for one guy to play! And rumour has it that he never goes anywhere without some kind of instrument on him... This track has an awesome rootsy feel - kick back, put your feet up and enjoy! That's my advice...”Sarah Howells, ABC's triple j, Roots n All


"I am very impressed by Nathan as an artist and as a positive force. His guitar playing is great. He has the voice. Good range and tone, with the impression that it's about to say something worth listening to... Rock on."Andy Fraser, The late songwriter, bass player from '70's band "FREE"


“Every now & then you will find an artist who is able to achieve an amazing connection with his listeners, & Nathan Kaye has a truly unique effect on his audience. In a world of ever increasing monoculture & disaffected political ideals, Nathan gives us a refreshing response to these social changes.”TIM PURTELL, Folk Australia

"Great show at the basement , a pleasure to witness one of our truly unique Australian Musicians, Respect "Darren Stanbridge, Independent music site & label (Hitstate Music)


"I loved Nathan's music, and it really added a nice touch to the end of todays show..."Kate Follington , Producer, ABC Regional Radio, NSW


“Nathan Kaye’s got somethin very special going on. Much more than a one-man band, he’s a body popping, beat-boxing, didj playing, guitar slinging, singing, dancing superstar, with wit & spirit. He's like John Butler on pills, Michael Franti on ‘shrooms & Umbilical Brothers on fire”Cathy Gavronich, Rip-In Magazine


“If you're into the Australian roots scene then you know Nathan Kaye. The Didgeridoo-rockin' troubadour is of those hard workingchaps that gets around the country at least a few times a year, bringing his one-man band to all the local haunts you'd expect the likes of that ilk to play. Lucky Man is Kaye's fourth release and it's full of the heart that he has built a solid fan base on over the past few years - in Australia and abroad. The CD itself is divided into a side A and side B, with the first six tracks being traditionally recorded for the album, while the last ten were recorded live in a studio with a studio audience - perfect for this kinda gear. So while the first part is a serviceable collection of tracks - the last two in particular stand-out for simply lifting the mood from the tender and slow nature of the first few - it's tracks 7-16 that will have you coming back for repeat listens.
The live environment is obviously where Kaye feels most at home, and it's a rip-roaring collection of roots-rock filled with plenty of stomping beats, lapsteel slide guitar and, of course, didgeridoo, with Kaye himself in full story-teller mode. His fun spoken-word stylings on the title track (and it's sequal), complete with audience laughter and hooting do the man justice, with the blue-grass guitar of Put That Thing Down and the driving I Bumped It also proving plenty of fun. While you might find yourself flicking through Side A after the first couple of listens, crank up Side B as you jump in the combi and head south-west to catch Kaye and his mighty didge.”Tim Mutton, Drum Media


“I was blown away by the powerful sounds of a funky, young grassroots trio, fronted by Nathan Kaye. Behind his stunning guitar work, Nathan extracted layers of textured melodies from a Slide-didge. Singing from the heart with an emotional honesty that touches your very soul, Nathan is a man of many talents”Deborah 'Rockdiva' Swain, Tsunami Magazine

Music Bio

“If you get the chance, check this guy out live – so many instruments for one guy to play! And rumor has it that he never goes anywhere without some kind of instrument on him… “
Sarah Howells, Roots ‘n’ All, Triple J  

“Kaye’s much more than your contemporary one-man band, he’s a spellbinding singing, hilarious storytelling, adroit lapsteel slide guitar playing, funky Didge blowing, body-popping human beatbox freak with wit & spirit. He’s like John Butler on pills, Michael Franti on ‘shrooms & Umbilical Brothers on fire”
– Cathy Gavronich, Rip-In Magazine

An influential part of the Australian conscious music scene & renowned as the world’s first didgeridoo-beatboxer, Nathan Kaye, is a globe-trotting one-man-band who thumps out songs on slide guitar, slide-didge & electric foot-drums.

It’s like he’s chewed on blues, munched on funk, grabbed a handful of rock, sniffed up world roots, tinkered with your grandad’s old drum kit & then exhaled his own genre.

It’s music that marries the earthy drive of John Butler, Xavier Rudd and Ben Harper with the uplifting atmosphere of Michael Franti and Nahko Medicine For the People.

You may have seen him on a sold out 44 date national tour with multi-platinum selling Pete Murray, or supporting ARIA winning Birds of Tokyo, or supporting Grammy-winning Wolfmother and also Grammy winner Jason Mraz.

As well as music, Kaye has acted a leading role in the best film award-winning Australian feature film, One Less God, an intense hostage terrorist drama based on one of the longest terrorist sieges in history to be released in cinemas this year.

But really, at the core of his multi-tasking abilities lies a big-hearted man with a powerful mission to inspire people to make the most of the gift of life, with his talent-packed show that has to be seen to be believed. Trust us, you’ll be better for it.

It’s the best sweaty, dirty, good-vibed foot-stomp you’ll get from one man.


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Career Highlights

  • 44 date national tour with multi-platinum selling Pete Murray, including many performances on national TV & radio
  • Supported Grammy-winning Jason Mraz, Venice Beach, LA,
  • Supported Grammy-winning Wolfmother, Byron Bay
  • Supported ARIA winning Paul Kelly on tour
  • Supported ARIA winning Birds of Tokyo, Perth, WA
  • Performed at The Viper Room, Sunset Strip, LA
  • Supported Paul Dempsey (Something For Kate), Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, L

Performed in the official line-up at:

  • Glastonbury Festival, England, UK
  • Woodford Folk Festival, QLD
  • Splendour In The Grass Festival, NSW
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Spiegel Tent, Scotland, UK
  • Fairbridge Festival, WA
  • Peat’s Ridge Festival, NSW –
  • Super-Heineken Tour, China
  • The Burning Man Festival, USA
  • Earth Day Festival, Bali, Indonesia
  • Recorded guitar, vocals and programmed beats on Andy Fraser’s solo album (70’s band Free),
  • Performed onstage with John Butler at the Fatherhood Festival,
  • Toured in venues in UK, Ireland, USA, China, Hong Kong, Bali & Australia
  • Supported The Corrs, Hong Kong,
  • Supported other artists including Diesel, Little Birdy, Ash Grunwald, iOta

Feature Films:

  • Muriel’s Wedding as Chook
  • One Less God as Oz
  • Wanted as Robber 2 (alongside Jason Clarke)


  • Home & Away
  • Police Rescue
  • Waterats
  • Spellbinder
  • many more + many TV commercials


Burning The Candle (Live in the Rainforest)

Celtic Didge Dubstep

I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For (COVER)

Be Silent & Listen To The Call

A Moment in Your Life

Promo Video with Triple J interview

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For The Visionaries

Movement of Change


We are all born as free, sovereign beings on this blue, organic spaceship hurtling through space at a staggering 2.1 million kms per hour.

(that always puts things into perspective for me)

Yet it doesn’t take long before we feel under pressure to fall in line within this system, but something inside of us longs for freedom.

With this perspicacity, many of us come to a realisation at some point in our lives that there must be more to living than slaving away to pay bills.

We get filled with questions.

And that leads us to some frustrating truths about how our planet is being run (to the ground) and why so many people, nations and cultures are in a state of conflict and suffering.

For some of us that leads to recalcitrant activism against the so-called powers-that-be eager for solution-based thinking and action.

For others, it leads to turning our focus inward, towards the within, for solace and inner strength.

Whatever our response is to this dysfunctional system the answer is clear and probably most eloquently stated by futurist industrial designer and social engineer, Jacque Fresco.
“This shit has got to go.”

We are fast approaching our collective azimuth and we must act fast before humanity activates our own inimical self-extirpation.

And so a new tribe is born.

A collective movement of all colours and creeds taking a stand and raising our consciousness for the benefit of future generations.

We are the movement.

We are the change.


My vision is to inspire and activate listeners to break free of old behavioural patterns and find the thing that gives you wings to fly high in life.

When you are following your soul purpose you become happier, more magnetic and more aligned to the flow of life.

That creates a positive energy that rubs off on everyone you come into contact with.

That facilitates positive change.

And that spreads quickly.

My deepest wish is for my music to be part of the soundtrack of your life, living truly as the great being that you are.


Latest Album

It’s a collection of sapiential and uplifting songs to help heal hurting hearts and celebrate being alive and to raise funds & awareness for depression and suicide prevention.

  1. Transcending Depression Nathan Kaye 5:06
  2. Silence (Waves of Life) Nathan Kaye 5:59
  3. Contemplation of Emotional Temperature (Too Cold) Nathan Kaye 3:44
  4. Don't Be Afraid To Fall Nathan Kaye 4:30
  5. A Moment in Your Life Nathan Kaye 4:40
  6. No Fate, But the Fate We Make Nathan Kaye 8:57
  7. Rise Like a Phoenix Nathan Kaye 5:35
  8. Be Silent & Listen to the Call Nathan Kaye 6:31
  9. Upper Wilsons Creek Rainforest Nathan Kaye 1:38
  10. A River Runs Through You Nathan Kaye 12:45
  11. Upper Wilsons Creek Rainforest (Part 2) Nathan Kaye 1:20

"When I die and my body's in the earth,My soul returned to the place of it's birth,The inscription on my tomb you will see,Is I feared no one,And no one feared me..."


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