1. Rise Nathan Kaye 3:13
  2. Thought You Were Real Nathan Kaye 4:32
  3. Tear In Your Hand Nathan Kaye 3:41
  4. Come On, You Are Beautiful Nathan Kaye 4:20
  5. Lover Lover Nathan Kaye 3:03
  6. Couldn't Put You Down Nathan Kaye 2:37
  7. Twelve String Didge Concerto In Csus4 Nathan Kaye 7:47
  8. Lucky Man Story Nathan Kaye 5:58
  9. The Tease Nathan Kaye 0:19
  10. Wings Nathan Kaye 4:02
  11. Put That Thing Down Nathan Kaye 3:53
  12. I Once Met A Wise Woman Nathan Kaye 7:36
  13. I Bumped It Nathan Kaye 0:45
  14. Lucky Man Story - part 2 Nathan Kaye 9:52
  15. Mushroom Chai Nathan Kaye 0:15
  16. Didgeboxing Gratitude Nathan Kaye 3:48

About the Album

This album has Kaye in 2 modes with the album conceptually split in half.
Introspective singer-songwriter vs Guitar slinger one-man band.

Lucky Man STory (Live with one-man band setup rundown)

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Lucky Man

Release Date : January 25, 2011
Catalog ref. : NK007
Format : CD

You really must listen to the improvised live-in-the-studio to a studio audience one-man band explosion track known as “12 String Didge Concerto in Csus4”.
It encapsulates the immense energy that Kaye delivers in a live show.

Lucky Man Story is an hilarious true story-song that has become the favourite requested number at Kaye’s shows.

Couldn’t Put You Down is akin to if Led Zeppelin was one man with a lapsteel slide guitar!

Thought You Were Real is a cinematic, celtic-tinged song inspired by the modal scales in the ‘airs’ of Irish music.

Rise is the sapiential advice from your future self.

Wings encapsulates the powerful energy of following the thing that gives you the wings to fly high in life all served on a bed on celebratory blues!